KAMPERS 2M-series LHE is a robust pump in short build making it suitable for applications that allow the use of single seals. It is constructed horizontally with flanges in L-style and discharge on top. It has a built-on pressure relief valve. A footheating system for steam, water or thermal oil is optional, as well as an electrical heating element. It is suitable for non-corrosive non-lubricating fluids.


The LHE is an economical choice for many applications in tank storage, shipping, bunkering and industry. It is self priming and can handle limited dry-running. The L-style flanges offer piping advantages in pump rooms or in other situations that require vertical piping.


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  • Short build
  • Horizontal
  • Diesel
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Ext. bearings
  • Flange arr. L




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