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KAMPERS Pumps & Service is a twinscrew pump specialist. We offer fast and flexible service, including new pumps, pump parts, maintenance and repair. To our customers, the reliability of their pumps is of utmost importance. Therefore we identify ourselves with our product: Our organisation is aimed at delivering reliable performance. 


Twinscrew pumps have unique characteristics. They are suited for many applications because they are self priming and can deliver high pressure. The number of variations in shape, material and drive is endless, as well as the list of fluids that can be pumped: from water to bitumen and from sulphuric acid to olive oil. It is first-rate technology that will last for a long time. You should be able to rely on your twinscrew pump. And if at one point she does let you down? Then you can rely on KAMPERS!


  • KAMPERS twinscrew pumps
  • Brand independent repair and maintenance
  • Reconditioned pumps of quality brands
  • Spare parts
  • Consultancy on twinscrew pumps

Kampers Shipyard

Kampers Shipyard is the leading supplier of rectractable wheelhouses: Safe and easy to use, designed with a passion for beauty and functionality and built with first class materials by skillful craftsmen. Supported by our mobile service team it offers you a permanent smile.

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