Kampers Green Light© System

The KAMPERS Green Light System© is a full monitoring and operating system for the KAMPERS pump. It is easy to operate with a deck unit or a touchscreen on the bridge.


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The working principle of the KAMPERS Green Light System© is that sensors in the pump send a signal to a central computer. Depending on the type of sensors, the computer receives data such as temperature, pressure and vibration. The computer displays the pump data in a clear and organised fashion. It monitors the received data and controls the frequency converter, which is part of the package that we supply. One KAMPERS Green Light System© can control a number of pumps. You can operate the system by hand, programme an automated pump routine or combine these possibilities, thus using the system to prevent human error.


The KAMPERS Green Light System© offers

  • Full functionality on one screen>
  • Monitoring temperature of bearings and seals
  • Monitoring and controlling pressure on discharge side and suction side
  • Controls pump speed
  • Detects cavitation and reduces pump speed if necessary

We call this our Green Light System©, since the system enables optimal flow at all times, similar to a traffic light that is always green. Optimal flow means optimal use of pump drive energy, which is good for the environment. This system is green in every meaning of the word!


Your advantages:

  • Easy discharge
  • Damage prevention
  • Maximized flow and shortest discharge time
  • Minimized power consumption
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Reduced noise and vibration




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