KAMPERS 2C-series XHE is a compact pump with single mechanical seals. It is constructed horizontally with flanges inline on the sides and a built-on pressure relief valve on top. A foot heating spiral or electrical heating element is optional. It is suitable for non-corrosive non-lubricating fluids.


The high vacuum screw profile gives the XHE excellent selfpriming and stripping properties. This makes the pump ideal for deck use on barges, for cargo discharge or ballast. Because of the low NPSHr values it can handle considerable suction heights. Thanks to the inline flanges the piping can be constructed horizontally to meet height restrictions if necessary. This pump also finds its use at tank storage and bunkering facilities for transfer, loading and unloading purposes.


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  • Short build
  • Horizontal
  • Diesel
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Ext. bearings
  • Flange arr. X




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