Spare parts

Fast and flexible delivery of spare parts

Delivery from stock is the single most important condition for swift troubleshooting. Therefore KAMPERS has the most important twinscrew pump parts on stock. This makes us quick and reliable.


KAMPERS has a large stock of twinscrew pump parts. Mechanical seals, O-rings, bearings and timing gears, which can be supplied quickly. Furthermore, we also carry inventory of screws for KAMPERS, Bornemann and Rusch pumps. Beside our quick service we also offer you expert advice and competitive prices. Please submit your inquiries to see what we can do for you. We look forward to be of assistance!


"For years, KAMPERS has been at our service for twinscrew pumps. Be it repairs, reconditionings or spare parts, KAMPERS has always come through for us."

Mr. Jan Rindebæk, Superintendent, Uni-Tankers



We understand the reasons behind the purchase of spare parts. Either the pump is reconditioned or there is a malfunction. If you are experiencing recurring problems with your twinscrew pump, then you are welcome to contact our service department. Our staff has years of experience and we are happy to advise you.




KAMPERS is specialised in spare parts for the following brands:

  • Bornemann
  • Allweiler-Houttuin


But you can also contact us for:

  • Cerpelli
  • Roto
  • CTP
  • Rusch
  • Huanggong
  • Stothert & Pitt
  • Kosaka
  • Taiko Kikai
  • Leistritz
  • Tushaco
  • Plenty
  • Warren
  • Redscrew
  • Guinard



We are pleased to handle your requests for sparts. Transport requirements and conditions can be specified in your inquiry or mutually agreed upon order. We are fast and flexible!



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