Kampers Green VibeĀ© System

The KAMPERS Green Vibe System© reduces noise and vibration from the pump


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KAMPERS Pumps have been designed to operate relatively quietly. However, in some cases absolute silent pump operation is a requirement. For instance if the pump is used at night in a populated area or in a nature conservation area. Or the pump owner just enjoys silence. Especially for such cases we supply the KAMPERS Green Vibe System©. The pump set is placed on rubber mountings and there are rubber expansion joints on the flanges. This reduces the sound significantly. Combined with the KAMPERS Green Light System© which prevents cavitation, you can count on silent pump operation. This system can also be installed on existing pump sets.


The KAMPERS Green Vibe System© offers

  • Significant reduction of noise generated by the pump
  • Significant reduction of vibration generated by the pump



We call this our Green Vibe System©, since it prevents noise pollution from pump operation. KAMPERS customers often mention that our pumps operate relatively silently. The Green Vibe System© however takes this operating silence to a whole new dimension, creating a serene atmosphere. Information Should


Your advantages are:

  • Silent operation of pump
  • Improved working conditions for operators
  • Pump can be used anywhere at any time
  • Minimized power consumption
  • Reduced wear and tear




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