Why reconditioning

Although twinscrew pumps wear slowly, the performance might no longer be sufficient after years of service. Do not worry, there are reconditioning solutions for every pump.


Periodic reconditioning can make twinscrew pumps last for more than 60 years. This is more environmentally friendly than replacing because reconditioning is less polluting than production of a new pump. Furthermore, the costs of reconditioning are lower than the costs of a new pump while the capacity of the pump is restored to its original level.


"We use KAMPERS Service for reconditionings and repairs of the twinscrew pumps in our fleet. The service is fast, flexible and reliable."

Mr. Kees van Baardewijk, Technical Inspector Inland Tanker Service, Stolt Nielsen


Reconditioning by KAMPERS

If your twinscrew pump no longer delivers the required capacity after years of loyal service, our advice is to have it reconditioned. We will restore the pump to its original capacity and efficiency. You will receive a test certificate.


Revision pumps in stock

KAMPERS has a large stock of reconditioned pumps, mainly consisting of (Allweiler) Houttuin and Bornemann pumps. This enables us to offer reconditioned pumps at low cost and with short delivery times. Some of our stock pumps are no longer in production. In fact the premier cost saving advantage lies in the fact that no modifications to piping and foundation are necessary if a broken pump is replaced with a reconditioned equivalent.



The advantages of reconditioning are:

  • Pump is restored to original capacity
  • All twinscrew pump brands can be reconditioned
  • Large stock of reconditioned pumps
  • No modifications necessary to piping and foundation
  • Short delivery times


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