KAMPERS 2C-series LHI is a compact pump designed specifically for pumping lubricating fluids. The timing gears, bearings and mechanical seal are all lubricated and wetted by the fluid that is pumped. It is constructed horizontally withmflanges in L-style and discharge on top. It has an integrated pressure relief valve. A foot heating spiral or electrical heating element is optional.


Commonly, the LHI is used for transfer, (un)loading or bunkering of lube oil. Because of the low NPSHr values it can handle considerable suction heights. The L-style flanges offer piping advantages in pump rooms or in other situations that require vertical piping. This pump finds its use on tanker ships, tank storage facilities and refineries.


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  • Short build
  • Horizontal
  • Diesel
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Int. bearings
  • Flange arr. L




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