KAMPERS 2M-series XVL.S is a robust pump with extra shaft length resulting in more extensive sealing arrangements, such as double (cartridge) seals and gland packing. It is constructed vertically for compact installation in areas with limited floor space. It has a built-on pressure relief valve on the side. The flanges are inline. It is suitable for non-corrosive non-lubricating fluids, but executions especially for corrosive fluids are also available.


Commonly the XVL.S is used in shipping as cargo pump below deck or as (un)loading pump at railway cargo facilities. The XVL.S offers solutions should environmental requirements, safety regulations or fluid properties dictate double sealing arrangements.


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  • Long build
  • Vertical
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Ext. bearings
  • Flange arr. X




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