1M LHE(.S)

KAMPERS 1M-series LHE is constructed with one pair of screws which makes it suitable for smaller capacities. Gears andbearings are placed on one side making the pump casing easy to remove for cleaning. The screw entrance is inline with the suction flange, resulting in a compact design and low NPSHr values. The pump is self-priming and can handle limited dry-running. In LHE.S execution it can handle corrosive fluidsas well.


In shipping the pump is used for slops, tank wash, stripping, fuel oil and lube oil. Furthermore, this type of pump has a wide variety of applications in the food industry, thanks to the smooth and low-shear treatment of fluids and the easy cleaning properties. The availability of different material executions makes the pump very suitable for many (petro) chemical industries.


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  • Short build
  • Horizontal
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Ext. bearings
  • Flange arr. L




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